9 Typical dishes of the Mallorcan cuisine

Mallorca is a place which has many things beaches, sports, mountains... but we also have an incredible gastronomical offer, that if you are think about comming, you can´t miss!

This are the 9 most typical dishes of the island: 

  • Sobrasada: One of the best known dishes of the island. This type of sausage comes from the black pig (Porc Negre), a native species of the island. It´s usually eaten with brown bread or with quelys Mallorcan cookies.
  • Tumbet: Dish that shows the good Mallorcan orchard, it only has vegetables in it (vegetarian dish). The vegetables that are usually used for this delight are tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines, green pepper, garlic, oil and salt.
  • Coca de Trampó: Another dish made with the delicious vegetables of the Mallorcan orchard. It´s made with flat bread dough, vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, onions on the top. Typical and healthy dish.
  • Snails: It might seem weird to eat snails, but if you came wanting to explore the island, don´t leave without trying them! They are served inside their shells, with a broth made of parsley, garlic, fennel and chilli.
  • Arros Brut: Even thou is not of the most well known dishes, is without a doubt one of the most delicious ones. Rice soup that is made with different kind of meats of the island like butifarrón and sobrasada, and, a few mallorcan vegetables are added as well.
  • Sopas Mallorquinas: Also called dry soup, is a dish made with slices of dry brown bread and vegetable soup. Even thou is called soup, it´s eaten with the fork.
  • Frito Mallorquín: Another of the most typical disges, you can find it in most of the restaurants that serve mallorcan food. It´s made with pig or lamb meat, liver, potatoes, green peas, fennel, fresh beans and red pepper. 
  • Ensaimadas: Maybe with the permission of the sobrasada, it´s the best known mallorcan dish. There are many different kinds that you can find, but the basic ingredients usually are water, sugar, butter dough and eggs. 
  • Gató mallorquín of almonds: Typical Mallorcan cake, doesn´t have flour so it´s suitable for intolerances. This spongy dessert has eggs, sugar, lemon and ground almonds, It´s great! 

    Although we mention this ones, the mallorcan cuisine is very rich and varied, having dishes for all tastes. 

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    We´ll be waiting for you!



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