Felanitx is a rural town and municipality in the Pla & Llevant region, in the southeast of Mallorca. Located approximately 50 kilometers from the capital of Palma, it is currently the center of the second largest wine region in Mallorca. We hope you enjoy our guide to Felanitx, which reveals the best of this charming town. Consistent with human settlements since the Bronze Age, Felanitx was famous for the production of pottery and pottery in the 3rd century B.C. and, later, he was known for the production of wine and brandy, registering in 1749 more than 60 distilleries in the region. The name comes from the Latin "Fenalicius", which refers to the collection of hay. The town also had strategic importance in antiquity, due to the powerful views that dominated its peaks. Today the town is known for its cultivation of capers, which is a popular local ingredient in Mallorca. It has also experienced a revival of the wine industry, following the devastation caused by the phylloxera plague that liquidated most of the Majorcan vineyards in the 1890s. Felanitx depends in part on tourism, and has a lively international community of permanent residents. The highest points of the municipality are: San Salvador (509 meters), where there is a monastery of the same name; Sa Comuna (429 meters); and Santueri Castle (408 meters), used before the conquest of the island by Jaime I de Aragón.

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